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Ivakhno Nataliya Valerievna, Candidate of engineering sciences, associate professor, sub-department of devices and biotechnical systems, Tula State University (92 Lenina avenue, Tula, Russia),

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Background. The article considers a topical task of constructing an algorithm for locating failures in systems of technical diagnostics of respiratory muscles’ simula-tors, the use of which will reduce a probability of patients’ barotraumas.
Results. The author suggested a method of construction of a logical sequence of tests of diagnostic parameters based on information evaluation of the recognition process. The initial data for the algorithm that implements the specified method is numbers of blocks a sample is divided to according to the terms of reference given by the depth of the diagnosis, as well as a list of all possible diagnostic parameters characterizing the functional connections between the blocks. As a condition, con-troling the algorithm at each subsequent step, the author chose the results of the pre-vious monitoring of the simulator’s parameters.
Conclusions. The designed conditional informational algorithm for failure loca-tion provides timely assessment and correction of operation of main components of the simulator’s blocks, as well as an increased fault tolerance of functioning.

Key words

respiratory simulator, location of failures, informational algorithm of diagnostics.

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